McDonald's crew Henry says, 'What's you order?'

Henry reveals his part time job on his twitter account by posting photos of him wearing wearing McDonald's uniform.

On November 28, he wrote, "I feel tired nowadays. I have a part-time job at McDonald’s ㅠㅠ If you come to McDonald’s, I'll treat you a free drink -3-"

Don't worry as Henry didn't quit as a singer and settled in his part time job. The photos were taken from the filming set of his upcoming Chinese drama “My Sweet City” where he landed the lead role.

Fans are amused and commented, "Hello oppa, give me chicken burger please xD♥","wow can you be my delivery boy?"," 1 double cheese burger please!" and so on.

However, does he look good as a fast food crew? What would you order if he is?

Source: Henry's twitter
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