Lim Chang Jung talks about why Dongho left U-Kiss

Singer Lim Chang Jung recently mentioned about Dongho’s departure from U-Kiss.

On November 13, Lim Chang Jung appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, and talked about how he came out of retirement to continue his singing career. As he shared his story of going back to old management agency NH Media, MC Kim Gura asked why Dongho decided to withdraw from U-Kiss.

Lim Chang Jung revealed, “I did not get to see Dongho for a long time, but U-Kiss’ producer was deeply in thought about his withdrawal. The producer told that he has been exhausted for a long time, and that he could not stop Dongho from making his own choice.”

He continued, “Dongho still had a lot of time left on his contract and the company could take a legal action if they wanted to. But they coolly let go of him. Which company would be able to do that?”

Source: StarN News