Lee Seung Gi to redo SISTAR19's song with Bora at his concert

Lee Seung Gi  has revealed on the November 23rd episode of KBS Entertainment Relay about his preparations for his upcoming 5th Hope Concert on November 30 and December 1.

During the interview, the singer/actor revealed some of his preparations and one of these is a collaboration stage with SISTAR's Bora. He revealed that they are preparing a remix version of SISTAR19's hit song "Gone Not Around Any Longer".

He is going to take Hyorin's part and the reporter asked if he's going to make a parody of it by cross dressing. Seung Gi clarifies that he's going to redo the performance to make it a dramatical act between a man and a woman. He added, "That's why I'm practicing hard for the dance part." He spoiled that the performance is going to have a sexy atmosphere.

Are you anticipating it?
Watch his full interview below: