Kim Heechul , 'My fans suggest me to date already'

While other fans aren't eager to see their idols dating someone, Super Junior Heechul's fans are quite different.

On the November 26 broadcast of SBS Power FM 'Cultwo Show' , Super Junior Heechul appeared as a guest.

Heechul expressed his thoughts towards idols dating. He revealed, "I think it's been a while since the last time I've dated a celebrity".

Surprised by his sudden revelation, Culto DJ asked, "You had dated a celebrity?" in which Heechul frankly replied, "Of course. I'm at proper age."

In addition to that, Heechul shared, "In fact my fans advised me to go on a date already because they noticed that I've been spending my time in playing games and reading comic books. They told me that they would prefer to see me dating a person rather than living in my imagination. Besides they are worried that I might fall in love with game characters."

He followed, "However it's really my favorite," making everyone laughed.

Source: Nate
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