Juniel and CNBlue's Jonghyun to release digital single 'Love Falls'

FNC labelmates Juniel and CNBlue's guitarist Jonghyun are confirmed to release a digital duet single titled 'Love Falls'.

It is revealed that Juniel and Han SeungHun provided the lyrics. It is then composed and arranged by Lee JongHyun and Park Eunwoo. Both of them participated in the production of the single.

Fans already expressed excitement as they left comments such as, "It's going to be great!","I'm rooting for this pair. Both are guitar specialists.","I can't wait anymore!","I hope they'll perform it live." and so on.

According to Instiz's real time countdown, Juniel and Jonghyun's single will be released on December 9 at 12:00PM KST. Further details will be revealed soon as well.

Is Jonghyun the 'boyfriend' Juniel  was referring to in her tweet, [Juniel reveals her boyfriend?] to tease their upcoming digital release?

Source: Instiz
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net