Heechul spends his weekend night with his 'lover'

Super Junior Heechul brags his weekend night with the person he loves on his instagram and twitter accounts.

He uploaded a photo of himself and wrote, "In a good restaurant with good atmosphere.. The person whom I love took this photo♡ Everyone too should spend weekend nights together with your loved ones^-^"

He followed it with a video and revealed that the person he is talking about is his close friend Gunhee. He wrote, "It's depressing.. depressed.... We both watched <The Punisher> and went to eat in a restaurant, what are we doing.. Do we have ‘lover’ app nowadays? I was a mania of those"

Video trans:

Heechul: Let's eat. So how's the movie? Good, right? let's go on dates like this. Oppa will film you too.
Gunhee: Eat your food!
Heechul: Go away! Me too I don't like you!

So did you spend your weekend with your beloved ones?

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net
Source: Heechul's twitter & instagram