BTOB members apologize for being late in an event

BTOB members are deeply sorry for their fans and people who had waited for them at Changwon Tintin Festival on November 9.

In regards to this, members personally wrote down and express their sincere their apologies through their twitter accounts.

Ilhoon wrote, "For those who went to Changwon Tintin Festival for us yuu yuu We are very sorry for being late yuu We will work harder in the future!!^^ Do you believe me?? Anyway, i’m sorry yuu I love you ^^"

Eunkwang also expressed, "We are so so sorry to melodies, tourists and also to the public who went to Changwon Tintin Festival today. I promise you it won't happen ever again in the future. However, we are very grateful that you stayed with us until the very end. This is why I really love you melodies…♥ You know what I feel right? Bbyong" 

He added, “Uploading a photo of me bbyong”

Changsub followed by writing, “I am really sorry. Everyone dressed up prettily and even waited for us but it rained. I am really sorry.. and thank you for waiting.. ^^ for the past, present or the future, i love you ♡ take a hot shower once you arrived home, be careful of the fever♡”

Sungjae then wrote, "Changwon melodies ㅜㅜ I'm sorry for making you wait for us during that cold weather since it rained. I am really really sorry for not showing you a perfect image. We will work better so this kind of issues won't happen in the future again !! We will become more attractive BTOB."

For sure, their sincere apologies reached everyone's hearts.

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