BEAST's Yoseob cleans poop of G.Na's dog, Tokki

BEAST's Yoseob was featured on November 15th episode of 'I Live Alone'.

However, he's not really alone by that time. He's with G.NA's dog, Tokki.

On the video, Yoseob was eating and Tokki was looking at him begging for a portion of his. After teasing Tokki's appetite, Yoseob gave it a little food  which ran out in less than a minute. 

Initially, it was just smooth-sailing. The two slept together and they played. But Yoseob left Tokki alone in his house for a while. 

When he returned, he saw how chaotic his house was. When Tokki was just by itself, it went crazy. It peed on Yoseob's bed, played and bit the big white teddy bear, gnawed on things all over his house and cared to give a 'little present' on his floor. The poor guy had no choice but to clean all the mess up by himself, while Tokki looked so guilty.

Afterwards, Yoseob was asked if he still wanted to take care of a dog, and he answered truthfully, "I think it isn't a good idea to raise one for both the dog and my sake."

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