2PM's Nichkhun proves again that he's an international star!

2PM's Nichkhun's versatility and multi-lingual being make him in demand in different countries.

Nichkhun can sing, dance, play a musical instrument and act very well and is a master of three languages--- English, Thai and Korean. Now that 2PM is focused on their 7th Japanese single, Winter Games, he's learning Nihongo. 

With that, Nichkhun is set to make a cameo appearance in a Japanese detective drama, "Kindaichi Case Files: Gate of Jail Private School Murders", where he will play as a smart but sickly foreign student who is constantly bullied. He will work with Japanese stars Ryosuke Yamada, Hey! Say! Jump's Daiki Arioka and Narimiya Hiroki with the Taiwanese idol Wu Chun.

The upcoming drama, which is based on the world-famous comic book of the same name, is one of the representative shows for NTV's 60th anniversary. Its first series began airing in 1995, and it's lastly aired its episode this January 2013 starring Big Bang's Seungri.

Aside from that, he is an endorser of a Philippine clothing brand, Bench. He just went to the Philippines to grace the Benchsetter Fun Meet last November 9. There he spent time with his PH Hottests.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: 2oneday