Yenny to show new image and acting with dialects in ‘Basketball’

Wonder Girls member Yenny is about to reveal her changed features, acting with dialects and a love-line through her upcoming debut drama series, tVN’s ‘Basketball’.

The singer has been cast as Bong Soon in upcoming drama ‘Basketball’. Bong Soon is a trusty maid who uses Chungcheong-do dialect. She has a warm heart and is always by the side of lead character Choi Shin Young as a friend and like family.

Fans will be able to see Yenny’s different image and attraction through her change into bright character.

Yenny said, “I wanted the role in ‘Basketball’ as there are rich people in 1930~1940 and there will be pretty clothes. However, I grew a liking for the Bong Soon character as she’s a normal woman in those days who can draw viewer’s sympathy.”

‘Basketball’ portrays the story of youth who find hope and light during the dark times of Japanese colonization through basketball. It is set to air every week on Mondays and Tuesdays starting October 21.