Whose hands holding tight are these?

Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi updated his Weibo account with a photo that will definitely make someone's heart beats fast.

The photo showed two hands holding each other so tight. Those hands are Zhou Mi's and f(x)'s Victoria's!

Zhou Mi wrote, "感谢六年有彼此的陪伴!希望大家喜欢【被风吹过的夏天】." He said, "Thanks to six years of having each other's company! A lifetime of good friends, and they will continue to work together! I hope you like the wind in the summer []"

The two had a chance to work together in a Chinese-Taiwanese drama, “When Love Walked In” where Victoria played the female lead, Shen Ya Yin, who had a change of life from normal to becoming a big company's CEO's granddaughter and Zhou Mi as one of the special company workers who helped Victoria during her transition and eventually fell in love with her.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: weibo/sjmzhoumi