Teen Top's CAP cracks fans up with his 'Motorola Ad'

Note: The photo is only fan-edited, CAP is not an endorser of Motorola

Teen Top's leader CAP is bringing laughter with his 'Motorola Ad'.

A photo of Teen Top's leader showing his flip flop Motorola phone is catching attention and spreading humor among Teen Top's fans. The photo was taken in one of Teen Top's fansigning event.

When everyone is having smartphones nowadays, the 4D leader of Teen Top proudly showed his flip flop Motorola phone, as if he's the one endorsing it. Fans even captioned the photo, "Advertisers, do you see this?".

Fans commented, "That was so funny!","I thought it's real. It does look real though.","He should become Motorola's endorser." While other showed sympathy such as "Oppa doesn't have smartphone?","Give him smartphone please!" and so on.

Did this photo crack you up?

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net
Photo source: @HELLO__CAPTAIN