Psy reveals his struggles on promoting overseas

Psy commented about his mounting stress and struggles on his Twitter.

On October 28th, the singer shared that despite his global success, he has had hard time this year tweeting, “It has been a year since I was forced to go overseas. I’ve tried so hard to become strong, only to have more stress and better English.”

“I used to perform 15 songs on one stage. During the past year, however, I only repeated ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’ on every stage over and over again,” Psy added.

Psy also invited the fans to his upcoming concert series titled ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’. He said, “For all of us who tried their best this year!!! Let’s do something that fits our ‘class’ for just one day! Let’s do some dancing in the moonlight on Christmas night, and knock ourselves out!”

Psy will hold a special four-day solo concert series from December 20 to 22 and on Christmas Eve at Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium.