Park Si Hoo apologizes about sexual harassment case

Having swept up with sexual assault charges earlier this year, well-known Hallyu star Park Si Hoo made an official apology through lengthy post on his official fancafe.

Park Si Hoo’s younger brother Park Woo Ho, who is also the CEO of Park Si Hoo’s agency, Hoo Factory, released a statement saying, “We would like to give our sincere apologies. We are very sorry that Park Si Hoo, a public figure who should have set up some good examples, has made a public mess.”

As both a close family relation and an outside figure, I would like to sincerely apologize as the head of the actor’s agency. As Park Si Hoo has received much denouncement and support, he will return with a new perspective and he will become an actor who tries his very best.”

Back in February, Park Si Hoo has been accused of allegedly raping a 22-year-old woman with whom he spent the night drinking. After several trials, both the accuser and Park Si Hoo dropped the charges against each other.