LOEN Entertainment releases official statement on IU's 'The Red Shoes' plagiarism issue

LOEN Entertainment refuted the accusation that IU's "The Red Shoes" is a plagiarized song.

Many netizens noticed that IU's song sounds similar to Nekta's "Here's Us" which was released in 2009. Listen below for the comparison:

However, on October 26th, LOEN Entertainment released its official response regarding the issue, "After reviewing the opinions of 'The Red Shoes' composer Lee Min Soo and other music experts, we can say that there's a portion of the melody in those two songs (particularly 'The Red Shoes' second measure B part) that sounds alike. However, the chord progression of the two songs are totally different."

They added, "'The Red Shoes' uses a B-flat minor scale chord progression with a B-flat minor-bm7-cm7-cm6-f7sus4-f7 while 'Here's Us' uses a dominant scale chord progression of B-flat major. The chorus and first measure [A part], the song's latter-half bridge part, the overall melody, composition, and instrumental arrangement show the distinction of the two songs."

LOEN also assured IU's fans that there will be no changes on her scheduled activities. The agency stated, "[IU] is currently on preparation for her upcoming solo concert in November and for her Japanese promotions at the end of the year. 'Pretty Man' filming schedule will also be carried out."

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net