Jay Park cries because of supervillain Loki!

Thor's super villain Loki has a victim again, and it's none other than Jay Park.

Tom Hiddleston who is in Korea to promote his character Loki for upcoming movie "Thor: Dark World" appeared on tvN's SNL Korea and participated in a short yet hilarious short skit.

For the skit, Tom discussed noise as one of the social problems. To begin with, Hiddleston danced to Bar Bar Bar in a flat and making a lot of noise making a neighbor angry and asked him to quiet down. On the next scene, it's Jay Park's who's dancing to "I Like To Party" and Hiddleston appeared and asked him to quiet down making poor Jay cry. Jay's mother pinched Tom's chest. Comedian Kim Min Kyo also appeared as Thor.

Check the video below:

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net