IU reveals her new short bob

Singer IU has cut her hair short for the first time in three years.

On the October 23, IU appeared as guest on SBS radio program ‘Jang Ki Ha’s Amazing Radio’, where she revealed her new short bob.

She showed off her new hairstyle and listeners begin calling into the radio station to give her compliments. IU said, “I didn’t know this was a video broadcast radio. This is bad, I didn’t wear a cap.”

The singer added, “I wanted to keep it secret as long as possible. The promotion of the song is short this time and basically will end by next week, so I wanted to show it off on stage, but now it’s out.”

IU continued, “I had kept my hair for 3 years, and it feels weird after cutting it. But it’s great that it takes less than three minutes to wash my hair. I love it.”