Infinite’s L in 'Vogue Girl Korea's photo shoot' and 'L Story' BTS!

INFINITE's L is the main man of Vogue Girl Korea for its November 2013 issue.

It's not just an ordinary BTS of a certain magazine alone because L also filmed the mini documentary 'L Story' where he took his fans into the behind the scene of the glamorous photo shoot and shared his passion for photography which was showcased in his photo essay book, L's Bravo Viewtiful.

He disclosed that when there is no other schedule, he goes out and takes pictures. According to him, the selection of photos, photo shoot's content, illustration, drawings, layout, choosing of cover page and the even the paper quality were all done by himself for his photo essay book. 

He said, I have taken a lot of photos that touches peoples hearts in this photo essay book.

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SOURCE: idie2013