Han Ji Hye explains her attitude controversy in ‘Healing Camp’

Actress Han Ji Hye appeared in a recent episode SBS talk show ‘Healing Camp’ aired on September 30 and her attitude on the show brought her quite a bit of mixed reactions from the viewers.

In response to the controversy, the actress made a post on her Facebook saying, “For those who might have not liked my attitude on ‘Healing Camp’ yesterday, I leave this message.” She explained, “The production team suggested me to pretend as if I am looking over Sung Yuri’s MC spot just for the fun of program. Sung Yuri was not aware of it, so I made an apology after the recording.”

Han Ji Hye continued, “We had no problem at all. I really don't want the position of ‘Healing Camp’ MC. I wish there were people who would look at me positively. To those who might have misunderstood me, I apologize. It was not what I had intended.”

During the show, Han Hi Hye expressed an interest in becoming a host of ‘Healing Camp’, saying that she had been monitoring Sung Yuri on the program and thought that she could do better. The claim led to a mock confrontation, with Sung Yuri vowing never to lose her spot on the show.