Girls’ Generation’s Yuri disappointed at the lack of kiss scenes in ‘No Breathing’

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri recently expressed her disappointment at the lack of kiss scenes in her new movie ‘No Breathing’.

On October 22, Yuri attended a press conference for ‘No Breathing’ at the CGV Wangsimni Theaters alongside her co-stars, including Lee Jong Suk, Seo In Guk and Park Chul Min, as well as the film’s director.

During the press conference, Yuri mentioned the lack of a kiss scene in the movie, saying, “I had some disappointment regarding a kiss scene. Instead of kiss scenes, there are a lot of refreshing scenes, so I filmed with a happy heart.”

When asked to pick one person out of the two co-actors Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk, Yuri smiled and answered, “I’m happy just thinking about it. Do I have to choose?”

Credit: @ch0sshi