EXO’s Tao expresses anger toward sasaeng fans

After some frantic fans disturbed the wedding of member Baekhyun’s brother, EXO member Tao expressed his disappointment and stated that he will no longer tolerate their rudeness.

Member Tao posted an angered message on his Weibo account saying, “I’m really sick of these people calling us continuously throughout the night. The people chasing us around everywhere, is it fun? I dislike people who invade into my privacy! I’m not a criminal! It’s not a crime to go outside! I want my rest and I want my personal space! Not like how it is now!”

The post has been deleted but Tao changed his status to “I’m loving everyone who is loving EXO using the right way! I do not know how to thank you. All I can say is I love you all! Thank you.”

As previously reported, Baekhyun along with other EXO members were at a wedding for his older brother when several fans crashed the ceremony and caused a disturbance.