[DKP Exclusive] Heechul performs his first SS5 in Manila for the 1st time after military service

Heechul screaming along with Donghae, Kangin and Siwon

Super Junior Heechul has officially joined Super Show 5 after performing with the rest of the members at their Super Show 5 stop in Manila, Philippines on October 24 in SM MOA Arena.

ELF in the Philippines are lucky enough to witness Heechul's 1st performances with the members for Super Show 5, after his military service.

For SS5 Manila, Heechul joined the performance stages with other members singing their hit songs like Bonamana, Mr. Simple, Neorago, Sorry Sorry and more. He also prepared a solo performance of M&D song 'Close Your Mouth'.

Heechul and Siwon about to greet Philippine ELF

Heechul was overwhelmed with the warm welcome back greetings of Philippine ELF and was left speechless during their introduction part, stating that he's shy and told the fans to anticipate more of his performances.

Super Show 5 Manila is also Kangin's first Super Show in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, 11 members who were present have promised to come back in the country for Super Show 6 teasing that one more member will be returning. Who would it be?

Heechul is the last man kneeling during the goodbye speech

Note: More exclusive photos from SS5Manila will be uploaded on separate post. Keep updated!

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net
Photo by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net