Day-2 of SJ's errand boy, "Eunhyuk cleaning members' food"

Super Junior Eunhyuk has been running errands for his members recently. Yesterday, Kyuhyun posted a photo of half-naked Eunhyuk washing dishes. Today, Heechul posted a video showing Eunhyuk cleaning their food.

Heechul wrote, "As we ordered food we played rock, scissor, paper and my close friend Lee Hyukjae lost so he needs to clean everything by himself keke he's mumbling. "Don't order food with soup, Yesterday too, I also washed the dishes etc keke Ah why instagram videos aren't longer?"

Fans commented, "Oh! Eunhyuk again.","Eunhyuk ah poor you. Shall I help you?","Rock, scissor, paper game is so annoying!","For the members, Eunhyuk becomes the errand boy." etc.

Hopefully, Super Junior's dorm aunt comes back from holiday.
Watch the video Heechul posted below:

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