Dal Shabet celebrates 1000th day since debut

In celebration of its 1,000 day anniversary, girl group Dal Shabet shared special handwritten messages and video to expressed their gratitude for their loyal fans.

Leader Seri wrote, “Baby. I love you. Hope our love will be forever until the end. I’m so thankful. I only have darlings. because there you all, understand? I’m happy . Baby, I love you.”

Jiyul also wrote, “1000th day anniversary 999years, 364days, 23hours, 59minutes, 59seconds
I love you Please fill it up in the rest of 1sec everyone >-<  thank you very much >-< !!”, while Ahyoung posted, “Hello darling~~ 1000th day? Oh!~~~~ <3 I’m very happy :) we have to do better in the future.. kiss..  let’s fly high together, I love you..  kiss ^_^ I can’t live without darlings >_<”.

Wohee wrote, “To all darling Our love darling who still keep and stay in this place. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for always giving some strength. love you♥” and lastly, Gaeun said, “Beloved my loves darling ♥3♥ to those all of you who love us as always… are you an angel or something? love you.. kiss happy 1000 days.”

Credit: bossayur@dalshabetina.com