4minute’s Sohyun to make a big screen debut

4minute member Sohyun will make a debut to the big screen next year.

According to Cube Entertainment, Sohyun has been cast for the lead role in new Korean comic drama film ‘Hwanggu’. She will play the role of Misoo, a bright and high-spirited college student who will support her biracial boyfriend Han Goo through his hardships to challenge the national taekwondo title.

‘Hwanggu’ will mark Sohyun’s first individual activity ever since 4minute’s debut four years ago and it also signifies her debut on screen.

Sohyun said, “It will be my very first individual activities. I feel as if my heart would explode because of the excitement of being part of such great work. I will do my best to meet everyone’s warmest anticipation.”