Teen Top L.Joe's fanboy outburst in front of GD

Teen Top member L.Joe who is idolizing G-Dragon ever since has finally get a chance to meet him up close.

 L.Joe along with Niel were the special MCs for Music Bank's September 27th episode and interviewed Mad Clown and G-Dragon.

 L.joe, who claimed himself as GD's fanboy, didn't let the chance pass away and shyly expressed, "Actually, I'm G-Dragon sunbaenim's fan so I've prepared something." To his surprised, GD turned and looked at him making him all flustered and couldn't even make eye contact.

His idol asked what is it and L.Joe danced to GD's 'Crooked'. L.Joe must be the happiest at that moment when GD shouted 'Very good!'

Fans shared the happiness with L.Joe as they commented,"Oh my God! I would feel the same way if I'll meet you both! L.Joe is a cute fanboy!","He can't even look at him.","Mental Breakdown","G-Dragon and L.Joe!!" and so on.

 Check below:

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net