T-ara's Soyeon & Click B's Oh Jonghyuk have been dating for almost 3 years

The rumors were true. Click B singer Oh Jonghyuk (30) and T-ara member Soyeon (26) have been dating for almost three years. By word of mouth, their relationship has been confirmed to Sports Seoul. They recently celebrated their 1000 days together and are in a serious relationship with each other. They both had to overcome Jonghyuk's enlistment in the military service.

 On the 23rd, Oh Jonghyuk and Soyeon celebrated their 1000th day anniversary with Sechs Kies Jang Soowon (33). They all went to a cafe together and enjoyed pork. Although there was no cake, the friends all shared the time together for the significant date in their relationship.

Sports Seoul caught Oh Jonghyuk and Soyeon on camera and the sweet atmosphere of the couple. Oh Jonghyuk was consistently a gentleman and cute to his girlfriend. They both showed affection for each other and Jonghyuk would often stroke Soyeon's cheek during the dinner.
 Soyeon first confessed she was a big fan of Click B when she and Oh Jonghyuk appeared together on the November 2010 episode of KBS "Star Golden Bell". At the end of the show, Jonghyuk said, "These days not as many idols know me, but I'm very happy there is one who does."

The two also appeared on "Bouquet" after that in December. On December 28th, 2010, the two began their relationship together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

 In April 2011, Oh Jonghyuk enlisted in the military. In June, he was finally finished with his service. Oh Jonghyuk and Soyeon patiently waited for each other. There have been accounts and sightings of Soyeon going to see him, and despite T-ara's activities, she still made time for her soldier boyfriend. Thanks to Soyeon, Oh Jonghyuk was released from the military with perfect health.

Oh Jonghyuk constantly cheered for T-ara. When the Hwayoung bullying controversy happened, Soyeon had it tough day-to-day, but from the military, Jonghyuk encouraged her and gave her advice. They had many obstacles in their relationship, but they have maintained the love for each other.

 Oh Jonghyuk debuted under DSP Media in 1999 as a member of Click B and was active until 2003. He was the most popular member because of his handsome looks and his excellent singing skills. After that, he promoted as a soloist under the stage name OJ. In March, he renewed a contract with DSP Media which gathered attention.

DSP Media said, "Soyeon and Oh Jonghyuk have been meeting with each other for a while now. He fell in love with her cute charms and her beautiful eyes." Soyeon's agency Core Contents Media said, "Yes, they are dating. Their parents and family know and support them. They are careful in their relationship and ask for support."

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem