T-ara loses lawsuit against fashion brand Chatelaine

It has been reported that Core Contents Media lost their lawsuit against a fashion company ‘Chatelaine’ who terminated the contract with T-ara last year for their bullying rumors.

T-ara signed with Chatelaine in March 2012 but the girls received negative image after the bullying scandal broke in July of the same year. Chatelaine dissolved the contract and asked CCM to pay back twice the endorsement fee, totaling 400 million KRW as a penalty for breach of contract.

CCM filed a counter suit refusing to pay that amount since Chatelaine kept using T-ara as models on various advertisements about two months after the promissory note was written. However, the court ruled in favor of Chatelaine on September 8th and ordered CCM to pay Chatelaine 400,000,000 KRW.