Song Joong Ki secretly eats chocolate pie in the army?

With only over two weeks since he enlisted, actor Song Joong Ki seems to be already caught in rumors inside military camp.

On September 11, Song Joong Ki’s good friend, Lee Kwang Soo tweeted, “Are you having a hard time?” and attached a screen capture of an Internet user’s comment about Song Joong Ki.

The comment read, “One of my friend is a military instructor of Song Joong Ki’s military troop and he told me that he was caught while secretly eating a chocolate pie. He is a human after all.”

Whether the rumor was true or not, Lee Kwang Soo has showed his good sense of humor by posting it up on Twitter, providing a few laughs for his followers. HaHa, also one of the close stars to Song Joong Ki, mentioned back to Lee Kwang Soo and wrote, “Let’s bring some chocolate pies and visit him.”