Sol Kyung-gu watches a JYJ performance with his daughter!

JYJ became the bridge between Sol Kyung-gu, a Korean actor, and his teenager daughter.

Sol Kyung-gu found time to have a break while filming his currently released movie 'The Spy: Undercover Operation'' to be with his daughter. He revealed that he went to see a JYJ performance with her, who is an avid fan of JYJ. The 45-year old father said, “My daughter is a high school student and even though it’s difficult to communicate, thanks to JYJ, we are able to have conversations very often”.

'The Spy: Undercover Operation' is a South Korean spy comedy film about an agent (Sol Kyung-gu) who is an undercover in a foreign country, but his wife (Moon So-ri) didn't know that. It was released last September 5.

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SOURCE: jyj3