Shoo embarrassed for not knowing what ‘GD’ means

On the latest episode of MBC’s ‘Three Wheels’ that aired on September 21, original idol Shoo faced a bit of embarrassment because she did not know what ‘GD’ stands for.

During the show, the guest members and the MCs started analyzing ZEA KwangHee’s fashion, to which he showed off that he gets called as ‘GD of ZE:A’.

Confused of the conversation, Yoon Moon Shik then chipped in, “You keep saying GD. Does GD mean ‘Good day’?” Adding hilarity, Shoo, who is a former S.E.S member, also did not know what GD meant, and Kwanghee revealed, “I just heard her saying that ‘Good day’ is right.”

Shoo explained “I became a very confused person after having my baby.”

Source: StarN News