SHINee KPop Republic 2013 Press Conference!

SHINee's Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key made themselves available for the KPop Republic 2013 Press Conference yesterday.

The first question was their feelings and thoughts on their second visit in the Philippines. Key answered, "We are super excited to be here and to meet the fans once again. We’re excited for the concert, and we’re going to have a great one tonight."

As a follow up, the host asked, "Now that you’re back in the Philippines, is there a specific place or Filipino food in the Philippines you’ve been longing to visit or try to eat?"
Jonghyun replied, "I haven’t tried sinigang, but I would love to try it. I would love to go to Cebu and Boracay."

When they were asked on one word they would use to describe their Filipino fans, Taemin gave this answer, "Namu (tree). Because you guys have been waiting for so long and waiting for us patiently. Tree would be one word to describe the Filipino fans."

Onew gave a very simple answer for the question 'Gaining all the success and receiving a lot of love from your fans all over the world, if you were to meet your old selves back in 2008, what would you advise him?'. He said, "I would like to say, “Stay healthy and eat a lot of yummy food.”

Key was asked, "Your fashion sense has drastically evolved through the years and people have been commenting a lot about it. How would you describe your own fashion sense and style?" He answered, "Myself? I think I’m trying to show my identity through my fashion, maybe."

The next one was for Onew. The host asked,  "You’re appearing on a sitcom these days. How do you feel about it?" Onew uttered, "It’s my first time to try acting, so I’m trying hard to be on the same level as the other actors."

Jonghyun was also asked this one, "You’ve written the lyrics for the songs on SHINee’s 3rd album. Can you explain a little bit about the lyrics?" He explained, "I’ve written two songs in the album. One is about one-sided love, and the next one is about missing someone. He has written the songs while looking at the moon."

Last but not least, "What are you planning on the show tonight?"
Taemin promised, "We prepared a little gift for all the fans. I hope you guys enjoy it. Although Minho isn’t here tonight, I hope you guys understand he’s doing something else."

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SOURCE: pkci