San E uploads his first-ever vlog!

San E created his vlog entitled 'San E The Big Boy'!

In his first vlog, he made three parts. The first part was a fulfillment of a promise he made to his fans. San E dropped his word that he would sing live in karaoke if his recently released song, 'Story of Someone I know', would reach number in charts. And in fact, it did.

The second part was a more normal one where he just talked with his companions and the off cam events with his fellow artists. The last but definitely not the least is his performance in Busan.

Actually, San E is not just 'the big boy', but a man with one word. One of the must-have's of a real man is not a well-formed abs, a good voice, or fame, but the ability to keep promises. #formyourattitude

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Brandnewmusickorea