Rookie group Demion “Ask Her Out” MV revealed!

Rookie boy group Demion's debut music video, Ask Her Out (Confess) finally unleashed!

The song is about having the courage to ask a girl out which for some boys is a struggle to overcome. The music video featured the the five members Yoon, Ssun, Nakhun, Haekeun, and Sangbum with Wa$$up's Woo Joo.

Check out below:

0:37-0:49 LeeSangbum / Sangbum 
0:52-0:58 Yoon Minhyuk / Yoon 
1:36-1:48 No Nakhun / Nakhun 
1:50-2:02 Park Haekeun / Haekeun 

2:37-2:45 Kang Taeyang / Ssun

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