Park Jin Young reveals he had a conflict with Wonder Girls’ Sunye

Park Jin Young recently shared that he had some disagreements with Sunye during Wonder Girls’ advancement into the United States.

On September 14th, the producer and singer made a guest appearance on MBC’s ‘People Are Good’ and showed a short documentary following his everyday life.

As he reminisced back on 2009 when the Wonder Girls had first kicked off their promotional activities in the United States, Park Jin Young recalled, “I had an argument with Sunye, and didn’t speak to one another for two days. However, there hasn’t been a time more precious to me than when we were working together at that time.”

Sunye also confessed, “Back then, he took every care for us like a manager. It was very touching to see him going through many troubles for us.”

Park Jin Young added, “We get praised when we success in a challenge, and we get criticized when we fail. That is how everything flow in its nature, so I think it was something that I had to endure.”