M.I.B wraps up first Japanese tour

M.I.B, who have been doing their best to meet international fans, successfully wrapped their first solo Japanese tour over the weekend.

The group started their Japan tour dubbed ‘Keep Going’ in Osaka on September 11th, and then moved on to Nagoya on September 14th, and had two shows in Tokyo on the 15th. All of the tickets were completely sold out despite the bad weather condition.

M.I.B had their first showcase in Japan back in June, and it was first time for them to have a concert tour in Japan. The members showed their charisma through a great number of songs, such as “Only Hard For Me”, “Nod Along”, “G.D.M” and “Dash”. They also showed their individual talents through solo stages.

Meanwhile, M.I.B will have another show in Shibuya, Tokyo on November 19th, and they will be releasing their official Japanese debut album next year.