Kyuhyun's mom says, "Our Kyu-line' is the best!

Super Junior Kyuhyun's mother will appear in the upcoming episode of Mamma Mia's 'idol special'. From the broadcast, Kyuhyun's mom made a comment,

"In program station, Kyu-line is actually belongs to Lee Kyung Kyu, but I must say that our our Kyu-line is the best." She proudly added, "TVXQ's Changmin, SHINee's Minho and CNBlue's Jonghyun are in Kyu-line and often hold meeting at our house. There are times that I see one of them sleeping in one of our rooms."

Don't forget to watch the airing of the 1st episode of Mamma Mia's Idol Special if you want to know more revelations from Super Junior Kyuhyun, KARA's Gyuri, Teen Top's Chunji, 2NE1's Minzy and Chun Myung Hoon's moms. It will air on September 8.