Kim Eung Soo is addicted to smartphone, receives one from Jaejoong

Actor Kim Eung Soo is revealed to be addicted to a smartphone. He admitted it by himself when he and her daughter guested on August 31st episode of SBS ‘Like Parent, Like Child’.

His daughter revealed, "My father is addicted to his smartphone. In fact, there are times when he's playing with it secretly even in the set."

The actor added, "I had been using 2G phone until last year. Kim Jaejoong, whom I worked with in a drama, was shocked to see me using it to call people. The next time we met, he gifted me a smartphone."

He added furthermore, "It's such an amazing experience having a smartphone because I haven't had it before. It's cool that I even keep it beside me when I sleep and play with it. It's like a new world to me."

Kim Jaejoong and Kim Eung Soo have worked together during Dr.Jin

Watch the video below: