Key and Eunji both reveal "We're compatible" on WGM!

SHINee's Key and Eunji joined Taemin and NaEun for a double date on the latest episode of We Got Married. While awkwardness ruining the atmosphere, Key and Eunji blow it off with their natural interaction and even instructed Taemin and NaEun during the show.

The couples enjoyed their rides in an amusement park. Key and Eunji unexpectedly get along well and seemed comfortable with each other while laughing among themselves.

Key even asked for Eunji's phone number hoping they could meet off-camera, showing interest to know her more, so as Eunji. During their solo interview, Key revealed, "I've never met a girl whom I'm compatible with," implying that he gets along just fine with Eunji. The A-Pink member also admitted, "I'm comfortable with Oppa. I want to know more about him."

Check their cuts below: