IU writes her thoughts through her '5th Anniversary message'

Female soloist IU writes her 5th anniversary message through her fancafe.

Wah really it's been a while since I had a sweet dream..It was really sweetLike I was stuck in bed and couldn't go out @-@Today I'm only thinking about eatingMy company gave me a flower cake as Chuseok giftAlso reading those letters you guys sent me.. keke ah I have to eat songpyeon, whole day is gonna be sweet!!IU is now 5 years!! Step by step, she makes her way until here! kekeI'm curious what will I talk about in From.IU next year on September 18It'll be my 6th anniversary in a blink of my eye.. I have to fill my day today onwards and live an enjoyable life keke because of my debut anniversary, it feels like I have two birthdays per year!Whenever I forget the promises I made on my birthday, my debut anniversary reminds me  so it's good^-^ Thank you, it's because of you!!Everyone have a good lunch. I'll be back throughout today!!

Have you sent your 5th anniversary greetings for IU?
Meanwhile, her new album "Modern Times" will be released on October 7.

Source: IU's Daum fancafe
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net