How's the neighborhood? #TeamBahay

September 7, 2013 is the D-day of KPop Republic 2013 which is currently holding at the Big Dome. SHINee minus Minho, EXO-K, and Dal Shabet are the main performers. 

On the other hand, September 7 is also the 'D-day' for the Filipino Kpop fans who aren't able to make it on the concert.  'D-day' which stands for their 'Death day' (that's figuratively speaking).

Many fans released their frustrations through their 'heartache jokes'. Read some below: 

FYI: Daniel Padilla is a Filipino teen actor who sang 'Na Sa'yo na ang Lahat'.

"Are you looking for light sticks? Here"

"Yey! The concert started already! #TeamBahay: Team, let's sleep. hahaha. xDD"

Someone expressed her frustration through her fairy tale dream below:

"We can surpass it #TeamBahay!!! Just trust!! Heart!!! /GILAS/ XD"
FYI: Gilas is the Philippines' National Basketball Team which recently got the spot for 2014 Spain FIBA World Championship together with Iran and South Korea.

"If EXO-K will give anything, could they please throw it hard? so it will reach our house? Thanks"

Another light stick.

Another fairy tale story.

A real story: "Ma: Your EXO was in the news, they are looking for you. Me:  #TeamBahay"

The end.

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