Heechul is enjoying his stay in Singapore with friend Gunhee

A week since his discharge, Super Junior Heechul is currently in Singapore for Cosmopolitan pictorial. Through his intagram, he updates fans on what he's been doing there.

In his latest update, he wrote, "I am happy^-^ From now on, hopefully I could still laugh like this.. like a relationship that will make us remember those past memories while smiling not only as Universe Big Star and fan, but also until we became grandpas and grandmas .. Since I met Gunhee, I learned how to relax and keep being positive. Instead of hoping for 200% happiness for myself, I hope we could have 100% of happiness together."

Check more of his and his friend Gunhee's updates below:

This is his 3rd official schedule as celebrity after his guest appearance in Super Junior's Kiss the Radio and Shindong's Shim Shimtapa on September 3.