Heechul and actor Song Seung Hun are close gloomy buddies?

Super Junior Heechul once again stretched his connections with celebrity friends as he uploaded a photo taken with popular actor song Seung Hun.

He posted the photo on his insatgram and wrote, "Song Seung Hun, Kim Heechul, Gunhee. Whenever we are bored and gloomy, we will hold a gloomy gathering.. I am glad to be around with men yuu yuu Seunghun-i hyung is really cool handsome. I am oozing with sexiness and beauty which I don't often see in the mirror. ♥ Gunhee is cute and handsome crazy guy"

In the photo, Heechul's friend Gunhee, Seung Hun and himself are sitting in a couch revealing their close relationship as buddies. The actor is in the middle giving a thumbs up sign while wearing casual clothes.

Fans commented, "Is that Song Seung Hun? He's so handsome!","Wow! Heechul with Seung Hun, I didn't know they are buddies.","You three are gloomy? We should gather too.","So Seung Hun is also gloomy?" and so on.