Girl’s Day participates in volunteer work in Thailand

Girl’s Day members have revealed photos from their recent volunteer work in Thailand.

On September 4th, the group’s management agency Dream Tea Entertainment announced that Girl’s Day members recently got back from Thailand where they participated in volunteer activities.

As the honorary ambassadors of children’s development and child sponsorship program Plan Korea, Girl’s Day departed to Thailand on August 27 for a four-day volunteer trip with the organization. They visited Mueang Chiang Rai region, which is about an hour of flight and three hours of drive away from Bangkok.

During their visit, the members met a woman named Namiki who had wed at just 16 years old but was abandoned by her husband after giving birth to a son. To allow Namiki to feel the warmth of family, Girl’s Day took photos with her family and helped them to get physical examinations.

Girl’s Day said, “We felt very sorry for the people who were living through daily struggles at young ages, and it was also a great chance for us to look back at ourselves. The side effects of early marriage were too severe. Although this is only volunteer work, we were able to derive many meanings of life from them.”