Gina Choi's lucky 'Friday the 13th'!

Gina Jane Choi, most commonly known as G.NA, turned 26 (international age) yesterday, which happened to be the not so much loved 'Friday the 13th'. But, G.NA didn't put any weight on that globalized superstition, and she tweeted:

'Friday the 13th' is covered with the global belief that it's an unfortunate day. Ironically, G.NA experienced the best on that day---on her special day. She received lots of love and presents from her supporters, friends and family. And she didn't forget to express her appreciation through twitter and Instagram. She tweeted:

She also received her cake not through her hands but on her face. But that didn't matter because she looked so happy with that.

Her birthday cake was not the usual squared or circled one, but a G one.

Indeed, "Friday the 13th' is just a superstition. There's nothing to worry about that day because everyday is our lucky day, it will just differ from the way we perceive the situation. And from the moment that we opened our eyes, we are blessed even if it's 'Friday the 13th'.

Belated Happy birthday G.NA!

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