G-Dragon attends Seungri's fansign 'I met Seungri oppa!'

You wouldn't imagine this but G-Dragon showed his selfless support for fellow member Seungri when he attended his fansigning event and surprises everyone including Seungri himself.

G-Dragon appeared at the fansigning event carrying Seungri's album and surprised Seungri. Fans held their breath realizing that it was indeed G-Dragon and were impressed with their brotherhood.

G-Dragon uploaded a proof shot and wrote on his instagram, "I met Seungri oppa and got his album signed. I don't need to sleep today," acting like a happy fangirl.

In the photo, surprised Seungri hugged G-Dragon and he wrote on his CD, "Jiyong hyung! daebak! I'm so surprised! Hwaiting!"

It's really touching, isn't it?