FIESTAR teaches you a not Korean slang, Lesson 8: 레알 REAL!

On ‪‎FIESTAR‬'s original program 'A-HA', the girls transformed into teachers for KPOP fans who are eager to learn Korean!

FIESTAR is going to teach you useful Korean slang through LOEN's Official YouTube channel, but on this video it's not an original Korean slang, it's an English word that can be written in Hangul using their available syllables.

The cute and funny girls of FIESTAR taught us the word 'Daebak' on their 1st lessonDeuk-tem on 2nd, Tteokbap on 3rdJjal and Dawn'jjal on 4th, 
'Doljikgu' on 5th'Anseup' on 6th and 'Menboong' on 7thThis time, they prepared a hanbok-themed video to teach us the word, 'Real' (레알 in Hangul which just have the same pronunciation).

Cheska, Jei and Cao Lu wore Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, to commemorate the upcoming celebration of Chuseok Holiday which is always on the 15th day of 8th lunar month which is September 18-20 this year. Chuseok Holiday, which is also called as "Han-gawi (한가위)", is the Korean traditional Harvest Festival. It celebrates the good harvest and it is when Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns.

Connection of Chuseok to the word of the day? Jei said that Chuseok is the 'REAL' biggest holiday of the year. The caption also hinted this, "Why are we telling you about 'Real Madrid' right now?"

As we all know, Real Madrid is a professional football club based on Madrid, Spain. Does it mean FIESTAR will have a collaboration with them? If yes, really? (Did I use it in a good sentence? hehe) If yes, what kind? Perhaps, not a song collab.

And that's what we should anticipate for real!

Watch below and use 'real' in a sentence:

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