F-VE Dolls' Seunghee likes someone from BEAST

From TVDaily interview with F-VE Dolls, member Seunghee revealed her ideal type.

When they talked about MBC 'We Got Married', F-VE Dolls members revealed that they all want to appear on the show. Particulary Seunghee, who revealed that BEAST's Yoon Doojoon is her ideal type.

She said, "The person that I could think about now is BEAST Yoon Doojoon sunbae. He's very dependable and manly. She added, "He has that 'boyfriend' type on him. Our EunGyu is trained with Doojoon sunbae before and he treated her well. Actually, I am envious of her because I see that she is being treated by him like that, haha."

Source: TVDaily