EXO-K KPop Republic 2013 Press Conference!

EXO-K's Chan Yeol, Su Ho, Se Hun, Kai, Kyung Soo and Baek Hyun made themselves available for the KPop Republic 2013 Press Conference yesterday.

The first question was their feelings and thoughts on their second visit in the Philippines. Se Hun answered, "The Philippines is a beautiful country, and as the 2nd time, it has become more beautiful. We felt very welcomed at the airport because there were so many fans excited to see us."

As a follow up, they were asked on what Philippines' tourist spot they want to visit. Baek Hyun answered, "I would like to go to Baguio because we heard it has fresh air and good environment, so we would like to go there with the members and relax and think about our holiday."

The host asked, "If you had the chance to name your own fanclub, what would you name and it and why?"
Chan Yeol replied, "We do not have an official fanclub name yet, and we believe that the fanclub name should be named from our fans because that belongs to the fans. We are hoping to get more fanclub names suggested to us."

EXO-K promised to give a fun show: 
Baek Hyun said, "We’ve been acting as EXO but especially for today, we are just EXO-K. We expect that we’ll have fun on the show and hoping you guys will have fun too. Thank you so much, EXO-K!"
Chan Yeol spoke the Filipino translation of 'I love you all',  "Mahal ko kayo!"

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: pkci