Donghae invites you to his newly opened business 'Grill5Taco’

Super Junior members are one by one setting up stable future as some of them are putting up businesses. Aside from the first members who set up their businesses already such as Eunhyuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, this time Donghae finally opened his Taco business and invites you to visit.

On September 1, he uploaded a sample of their delicious Taco and wrote on his instagram, "Grill5Taco’ is located at Cheongdamdong street 88-10 I love Taco# everybody enjoy Taco"

On August 31, Donghae's business 'Grill5Taco’ had its grand opening. However, since Super Junior has schedule for A-Nation that day, Donghae wasn't able to attend, but his parents instead. In support for his new business, his fellow members sent flower wreath to commemorate the day along with their 'congratulatory messages' which read as:

    Eunhyuk: Please visit Tous Les Jours' location Guro Highend
    Ryeowook: Please wait. Donghae, over, will enter into his delicious taco restaurant
    Siwon’s Message: Donghae-yah, can I buy this restaurant?
    Kyuhyun’s Message: Seller Donghae’s takoyaki big adventure *
    Kangin’s Message: Donghae-yah, failure is mother of success
    Shindong’s message: You have to experience failure to become successful!
    sungmin’s message: I quite like Grill5 too. I will try eating it. -Lee UngMin PD * 
Picture Source: ♥종짱♥@s__jr13Translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs

Super Junior members are so supportive, aren't they? :)